About WTS

During my carrier as a sports and orthopaedic farrier, I have noticed that in many cases, the horn capsule is deformed and doesn’t correspond to the pedal bone any more. This leads to strong leverage forces that have negative effects on the pedal bone, lamellae, hoof joint, ligaments and tendons.

I also think that normal shoes are not the optimal solution for top performance. In other sports, athletes have shoes specially designed for their discipline. 

These were the main reasons that led me to develop a shoe that is shaped around the pedal bone, offers great comfort to the horse and provides good traction, enabling the horse to express his full potential. 

The search for ever better solutions has led to the development of new WTS products. The current range of products offers extensive solutions for sport and orthopaedic farriery. 

All WTS Products are manufactured in Switzerland, with the highest guarantee of quality and precision. The whole WTS concept is patented and is protected with 14 claims. 

It is very important for me that the WTS concept is used correctly. This is why the products are only available for vets and farriers who have completed the WTS course. 

The WTS products have proven themselves at the highest level of sport. It is a great pleasure for me to see two horses in the individuals top 10 at the olympic games in Rio shod with WTS Soft Heels. 

WTS for everyone striving for the optimal solution for their horse’s comfort. 

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