WTS Soft Heel
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WTS Soft Heel Shoe

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WTS Soft Heel Element

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WTS Soft Heel Set

WTS Soft Heel - for sport and therapy!

The hind half of the 5 mm thick sole element is made of steel 52 and is therefore relatively flexible. The polyurethane Soft Heel elements are 70 Shore soft and offer excellent shock absorption. The large bearing surface of the polyurethane elements provide optimal support of the limb. The Soft Heel elements can be ground to the desired shape and thickness. At the toe, the shoe is hard, to allow direct transmission of the forces from the foot to the ground. The grip and mobility at the toe are the same as for the WTS Solid.

This shoe allows correction of many conformation faults. For example: Club foot / flat foot, palmar foot pain, navicular syndrom, pathology of the insertion of the deep flexor tendon, etc.

WTS Soft Heel: shock absorption, flexibility and support, for better performance and more comfort. 

This WTS products are only available for farriers who have completed the WTS course.

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Additionally with WTS Soft Heel

Club foot

Before: heels too long

After: heels corrected; larger bearing surface at the back of the foot; shoe parallel to the coffin bone  

The horn cut away at the heels is compensated with the Soft Heel elements, to prevent excessive traction on the deep digital flexor tendon.

Flat foot

Before: flat, crushed heels and a negative palmar angle.

After:  Heels corrected back; more bearing surface at the back of the foot; shoe parallel to the coffin bone; positive palmar angle.

Soft Heel elements grount to the desired angle to obtain correct conformation. 

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