WTS Revolution
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WTS Revolution Training Shoe

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WTS Revolution Sole Element​

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WTS Revolution Set

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WTS Revolution Competition Shoe

WTS Revolution- light, flexible, changeable; the revolutionary Sport shoe!

The concept of the WTS Revolution consists of three parts. The sole element is made of aluminium and is stuck to the bearing edge of the hoof. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t hinder the horizontal hoof mechanism (expansion and contraction of the hoof capsule) and the vertical hoof mechanism (vertical displacement of the hoof wall and the heel bulbs). The toe and the heel both have two M6 thread holes. The training shoe made of light PE material is then screwed to the sole element with 4 screws. The WTS Revolution shoe’s features are flexibility, a 3 degree angle, frog support, a steel insert for abrasion resistance, and anti-slip shock absorbing PUR plugs. The hoof capsule and the WTS Revolution shoe from a unit. Like barefoot, but with better protection and better grip. The training shoe can be changed anytime for the competition shoe, which is made of aluminium and has traction grooves and a steel insert for optimal grip.

Training Shoe for stable, field, hacking and training.


Competition Shoe for competition.

WTS Revolution was originally developed for racehorses. The concept has now been used successfully in other disciplines.

Therapeutic use: weak heels, horn cracks, pain on the circle, ossification of the hoof cartilage.

This WTS products are only available for farriers who have completed the WTS course.

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