WTS Wehrli Traction Shoe − Function

Traction means converting the forces into forward motion. With the WTS shoe, traction is provided by the inner edge of the toe part, the raised coffin bone element and the traction grooves in the front part of the shoe. The angle of the grooves allows the hoof to slide upon landing, and provides grip on push off.


The broad bearing surface of the shoe for the hoof and the seating-out at the toe provide comfort to the horse. The freedom of the frog and the 4 mm thin shoe at the heels ensures that the frog is immediately in contact with the ground. This way, the frog and the digital cushion can play their part as natural shock absorber, absorbing the impact.

A soft landing is easy on the suspensory ligament

The tapered heels make a soft landing resulting in less stress on the common flexor tendon and the suspensory ligament. The length of the stride is enhanced because the horse dares to reach out farther. 

Stable midstance phase - guards muscles

The WTS-Shoe is centered under the middle of the coffin bone joint, that means it is balanced. The coffin bone element sinks into the ground on a soft footing and provide stable hold during midstance. The horse feels secure and comfortable, it´s not straint. This results in less fatigue of the muscles.

Early breakover guards flexor tendons

When breakover occurs early less hyperextension occurs and stress on the     flexor tendons is minimized. Good traction at the toe leads to powerful propulsion.

Easy medio-lateral breakover; protection of collateral ligaments

Medio-lateral breakover is base-narrow. Leverage on collateral ligaments and joints is minimized. Tight turns are easy to perform for the horse. 

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