WTS Flex Heel Hind
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WTS Flex Heel Element

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WTS Flex Heel Shoe Hind

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WTS Flex Heel Set Hind

WTS Flex Heel – Flexibility and support for more performance!   

The back half of the Flex Heel shoe, made of steel 52, is only 5mm thick and grooved, providing high flexibility. It allows for vertical hoof mechanism despite shoeing. The Flex Heel element made of 90 Shore soft polyurethane provides strong shock absorption. Riding out every day is no problem thanks to its high abrasion resistance. With the Flex Heel element, the frog is in contact with the ground, naturally supporting the back of the hoof. The Flex Heel element can be grinded to the desired shape and angle. Although the rear of the Flex Heel shoe is thicker and has a wide polyurethane bar, the front and the rear halves of the shoe have the exact same weight. The foot and the shoe are then balanced. At the toe, the shoe doesn’t provide shock absorption, so that traction forces are transmitted directly. The traction and mobility at the toe are the same as for the WTS Solid.


We finally have a modern shoe for the hind feet as well, which can be used for sport shoeing and for therapeutic shoeing – for weak heels, spavin and stifle problems.

This WTS products are only available for farriers who have completed the WTS course.

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