WTS Wehrli Traction Shoe − Development

Goal was to create a horseshoe that is attached relatively to PIII, provides high comfort and excellent traction, in order to bring the equine athlete to it´s peak performance. After 2.5  years of intense Research & development the WTS-Shoe was ready do be introduced to the market.

In the beginning I manufactured the HS individually for each horse. Using a highly standardized X-Ray and marking protocol we were able to determine the exact location and shape of PIII. I copied the silhouette of  PIII stood the hoof on a piece of cardboard copying the perimeter. Regarding these models I made a shoe one at a time for each hoof.

Both models were copied to sheet steel and then cutted out using  a plasma cutter. The pieces were then welded together according to the AP and ML markings.

Different designs for traction enhancing profiles were tested. For each shoe I kept precise record regarding steel thickness, rim profile, nail type, usage of clips and various other details.

In order to design a standard horseshoe with optimized fit for all feet I gathered  data like hoofshapes, shapes of PIII, angles of the bars, angles of frogs, shape of heels....

These results led to the shape of the shoe. Due to the fact that neither symmetrical hoofs nor symmetri-cal coffin bones do exist a design evolved that inherits asymmetry of 6%. A model for left and right feet.

In exhausting manual labour I manufactured this prototype. It served as the submission for the models that were cut out with a laser cutter.

Here is the proof that my idea is working. If the markings along the long and short axis on the shoe are aligned with the corresponding markings on the foot, the part of the WTS-shoe resembling the perimeter of the coffin bone is positioned exactly underneath PIII. Shape and position match perfectly.

This also holds true in dorso/palmar and medio/lateral X-Ray studies. The steel matches the coffin bone.

This is the first model, welded together out  of three laser cut parts. The left one with frog support whereas the the right one gives bilateral support. Both features are made of aluminium and can be riveted  to the shoe.

The firts Wehrli Traction Shoe, CNC milled. Made from one piece of 52 steel.

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