WEPA Module 5

Module in small groups of 8 to 14 people

2 days, each from 7.30 to 18.00 

Stefan Wehrli, Kirchstrasse 2, 9216 Heldswil, Switzerland


September 2021 − German
September 2021 − French
September 2021 − English

Themes: Laminitis

−   Functional Anatomy
−   Blood supply of the hoof

−   Derotation - principles

−   Ultimate Shoe

−   Venogram
−   Tenotomy incl. shoeing

−   Rocker Rail

−   WTS Therapeutic
−   Hoof wall resection

Each theory lesson is followed by a practical session.


Every farrier and every vet receive a laminitic hoof each. What has been learned in the theory lesson can be put into practice directly thereafter.


Introduction to the venogram technique.

Teamwork farrier/vet: Tenotomy of the DFT incl. shoeing.

Please bring with you:

Farriers: Shoeing material, shoeing apron, forging hammer, forging tongs

Veterinarians: Shoeing material, shoeing apron, x-ray apron, x-ray machine if possible


Hotel Taverne zur Linde, Bischofszell, Hotel le Lion, Bischofszell


Modules 3 to 6 have to be booked together. 

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WEPA Modul 5

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