Rail Shoe
Rail Shoe.jpg
  • Wedge-shaped shoe with early rolling point (at the toe and on the sides)

  • Bending the Rail Shoe gives you a Rocker Rail Shoe

For example of uses: Rocker Rail
(example: showjumper)

  • the rocker Rail offers extreme mechanical possibilities

  • this horse’s palmar angle was increased 10°

  • relief of the deep flexor tendon

  • better blood flow to the hoof

  • within 5 weeks, this horse showed an increase in sole thickness from 8mm to 18mm, and the posture was still correct

  • the horse was slightly lame before shoeing

  • A week later, the horse was jumping clear at 1.30m level



For example of uses: Rocker Rail
(example: Chronic laminitis)

  • less pull on the deep flexor tendon

  • therefore, relief of the main areas of pain: Laminae and soft tissue of the sole

  • shoe parallel to coffin bone = decreases growth of the heels, stimulates growth of the toe and sole

  • with the Rocker Rail, this horse has built a sole thick enough to be pain-free despite chronic laminitis



This product is only available for farriers and veterinarians.

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