WEPA Modul 2
25.+26. June 2020, CH-Sévaz

More Fotos

WEPA Modul 2
18.+19. June 2020, CH-Heldswil

More Fotos

We had a great start of the WEPA.
52 participants, 13 instructors, 7 nations, everything in 3 languages and a wonderful spirit!
12.+13. March 2020, CH-Sirnach


Dr. Daria Stöcker, WEPA Veterinarian Head Instructor

Julien Houser, WEPA Farrier Head Instructor, WEPA Co-Founder

Marco Halbedl, DMA DynamicMotionAanalysis

Stefan Wehrli, WEPA Founder



Hands on:

Dr. Christian Struchen, WEPA Co-Founder

WEPA Instructor day

7th of February 2020, CH-9216 Heldswil

Enthüllung Woody WEPA

WEPA Woody : Great teaching tool! Everybody can learn without having stress. Woody is very patient!

News for WEPA instructors

Theory:  A lot of news for the instructors. They were very focused!

WEPA Team works
WEPA Team works

Hands on: Everyone was very motivated!

The wonderful and powerful WEPA Team

Victory on WTS Flex Heel Front! Longines Masters Paris.

Hermes Ryan / Simon Delestre.

Farrier Christian Hagl

First official presentation of the WEPA at Open day 30.11.2019 from Eurotrade, Biel - Benken, Switzerland

Feedback von Reto Ruflin nach dem Beschlag von Cleopatra what else mit WTS Light.

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