The facilities of the forge in Heldswil are modern, purpose-built, and meet all the requirements of a professional practice.

Shoeing place

This is where the horses are shod. X-rays can be taken here in collaboration with the veterinary clinic Stockrüti.


The stables allow horses to rest after a long transport. It also offers the possibility to keep problem cases for a longer period of time. Clients living near by can conveniently drop the horses in the morning, and pick up their freshly shod horses in the evening.


Here you will find various mashines and tools used to manufacture special shoes.


The crane is used when it is difficult to lift a horse’s legs. Horses with, for example, laminits or tendon injuries can be shod without risking further damage.


The parking lot of the village is situated just opposite the forge. Even the biggest horse lorries can park and turn there.

Sand arena

The sand arena is situated just beside the forge. After trotting the horses on the road, it offers the possibility to examine the horses on a soft surface.

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