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07:30 - 08.15 Registration

08:15 - 08:30Welcome

08:30 - 09:15How to interpret the equine foot (Dr. Ric Redden)
The importance of growth rings and soft tissue parameters | How internal components influence external characteristics | Using powers of observation to identify, manage and treat injury and pathology

09:15 - 10:15The Blood supply of the equine foot (Dr. Amy Rucker)
Anatomy of the blood vessels and dermis within the hoof capsule | Venogram imaging of the blood vessels | Venogram comparison of the normal, club, low heel, and diseased foot

10:15 - 10:45Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:00A closer look at hind limb conformation (Dr. Ric Redden)
Foot flight and landing patterns | Negative PA | Crushed heels | Preventing the bull-nosed, distorted hoof capsule | Shoeing solutions and maintenance

12:00 - 13:15Lunch

13:15 - 14:303. Dimension: Position of the coffin bone, WTS (Stefan Wehrli)
The exact position of P3 within the horn capsule, viewed from above | Markers and imaging technique, practical application | WTS: Wehrli Traction Shoe; more traction, more performance | Development, function and application

14:30 - 15:00Coffee Break

15:00 - 16:00White Line Disease (Dr. Ric Redden)
Horn vs. laminae disease | Shoeing to alter the forces at play and establish a healing environment | When to remove the wall vs. treating with sheer mechanics

16:00 - 16.45Case studies 2013 (Stefan Wehrli)
Shoeingrecords of Live Demo horses, from March 2013 until February 2014

17:00 - 19.00Forging Class: WTS: WehrliTractionShoe, Full Rocker Shoe, Rail Shoe
Participants will forge for 20 minutes by one-on-one instruction | Participants can choose between a keg shoe, WTS, Full Rocker Shoe and Rail Shoe | Forged shoe can be kept as specimen

17:00 - 19.00Performing the DDFT Tenotomy and Inferior Check Desmotomy (Dr. Ric Redden)
The benefits of surgery | Indications and considerations | The importance of pre-surgery shoeing and aftercare



08:00 - 08:30Registration

08:30 - 12:00Live Demo (Dr. Ric Redden, Dr. Amy Rucker, Stefan Wehrli)

12:00 - 13:15Lunch

13:15 - 14:00Management of the Show Jumping Horse (Ludger Beerbaum)
Building the Jumping Athlete: Training stages from 3-year-old to champion | Training schedule of the high performance Show Jumping Horse | Competitions | Maintenance of the equine athlete.

14:00 - 14:45Navicular Disease (Dr. Amy Rucker)
Anatomy of the navicular apparatus | Imaging the navicular bone | Pathology of the navicular bone and the navicular apparatus | Treatment of navicular disease

14:45 - 15:15Coffee Break

15:15 - 16:00Riders‘ demands on shoeing (Ludger Beerbaum)
Different ground surfaces | Competitions on almost all continents | Therapeutic Shoeing: Communication Rider, Vet and Farrier | Infrastructure for Shoeing and Shoeing Intervals

16:30 - 19:30Forging Class: Full Rocker, Rocker Rail, WTS
Participants will forge for 20 minutes by one-on-one instruction | Participants can choose between a keg shoe, WTS, Full Rocker Shoe and Rail Shoe | Forged shoe can be kept as specimen

16:30 - 19:30How to take the perfect radiograph every time (Dr. Amy Rucker)
How to perform the venogram (Dr. Amy Rucker)
Case studies (Dr. Amy Rucker)



08:30 - 09:45Concepts for treating laminitis (Dr. Ric Redden, Dr. Amy Rucker)
The role of the DDFT | The value of the venogram | Utilizing the largest window of response to obtain the best results

09:45 - 10:15Abscess (Dr. Amy Rucker)
Classic foot abscess treatment | Medicine plate shoe | Case presentations - cases that have drainage associated with pathology (ex-laminitis with bone disease)

10:15 - 10:45Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:45How to maintain the race horse (Dr. Ric Redden)
Characteristics of the healthy racehorse foot | How to detect and correct small negatives that slowly deteriorate balance, mass and horn quality

11:45 - 12:30Puncture Wounds (Dr. Ric Redden)
Indirect vs. direct puncture wounds | Designing the puncture wound shoe

12:30 - 13:00Discussion

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